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Chinese Vectors

  • Oriental Vector Pattern
    Oriental Vector Pattern

    Elegant vector pattern with dots and circles. Wavy floral graphics in Illustrator format. Decorate ...

  • Geisha Portrait
    Geisha Portrait

    Vector portrait of a young Asian woman with a blushing face. Strong flush on ...

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man

    Chinese man vector. Free illustration of an old Asian man, hand drawn with a ...

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  • Asian Flowers Vector
    Asian Flowers Vector

    Red and orange vector gradient background with scattered dots and white flower designs. The ...

  • Twisted Dragons Illustration
    Twisted Dragons Illustration

    Cool Asian tattoo vector art. Free vector graphic of winged dragons with their tails ...

    08/21/2012|Clip Art
  • Asian Girl
    Asian Girl

    Chinese woman vector illustration. A cartoon Asian girl in front and profile views for ...

  • Oriental Dragon Design
    Oriental Dragon Design

    Dragon images have touched peoples imaginations for centuries. They inspire fear and awe. Download ...

  • Mandarin Duck Illustration
    Mandarin Duck Illustration

    The Mandarin Duck, a perching duck in Japan, China, Eastern Russia, Ireland, Great Britain ...

  • Happy Asian Girl
    Happy Asian Girl

    A highly detailed and well crafted vector drawing of a young Asian girl. A ...

  • Chinese Lamp Design
    Chinese Lamp Design

    This vector pack features four Chinese lanterns set on a textured and stylized background ...

  • Chinese Flowers Circle
    Chinese Flowers Circle

    This circular ornamental design is made up of lotus flowers in a traditional style ...

    04/17/2012|Clip Art
  • Asian Design Elements
    Asian Design Elements

    Download this Asian illustration bundle for all your personal uses. Do you need a ...

  • Enter the Chinese Dragons
    Enter the Chinese Dragons

    Chinese dragon vectors, symbol of the year 2012 in Asia. Download Asian dragons in ...

    03/26/2012|Clip Art
  • Bamboo Background Pack
    Bamboo Background Pack

    Nine different bamboo patterns to choose from in this vector pack. Great for your ...

  • Dragon

    Cool dragon vector illustration to create traditional Chinese art, Asian graphics, oriental tattoos, artistic ...


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