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People Vectors

  • David Bowie Graphics
    David Bowie Graphics

    Music icon vector. Portrait of the popular British musician, singer/songwriter and actor David ...

  • Kissing Lovers
    Kissing Lovers

    Love vector layout with a boy and girl kissing. Passionate lovers illustrated in a ...

  • Weaponry Silhouettes
    Weaponry Silhouettes

    Silhouette vector graphics of people holding weapons and various guns and knifes. Victim and ...

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  • Grunge Phone Vector
    Grunge Phone Vector

    Street art style vector graphics of a man having a conversation on the telephone ...

  • Messi Portrait
    Messi Portrait

    Cartoon style vector portrait of a famous person. Football player running after the ball ...

  • Sad Kid
    Sad Kid

    Emotional vector portrait of a young boy of Asian descent. Sad or depressed kid ...

  • Chained Man
    Chained Man

    Slave vector graphics. Cartoon style vector portrait of an angry screaming man. Big metal ...

  • Football Fans
    Football Fans

    Football vector graphics of happy men supporting the national football teams of France, Germany ...

  • Mandela Portrait
    Mandela Portrait

    Auto trace vector portrait of Nelson Mandela. Black-and-white image of the smiling face of ...

  • Biking Vector Graphics
    Biking Vector Graphics

    Sports vector illustration of people riding bicycles. Different body types, heights, equipment and bikes ...

  • Chimney Sweep Silhouette
    Chimney Sweep Silhouette

    Vector illustration of a chimney sweep silhouette. Man carrying various accessories and brushes used ...

  • Dancing Michael Jackson
    Dancing Michael Jackson

    Silhouette vector portrait of the King Of Pop. Famous pop icon doing a signature ...

  • Western Graphics
    Western Graphics

    Vintage vector graphics of western characters. Authentic illustrations of an Indian chief and shooting ...

  • Horror Illustration
    Horror Illustration

    Crime and horror vector designs. Silhouettes of various people dragging and carrying corpses. Different ...

  • American Soldier
    American Soldier

    Vector illustration inspired by the Second American Revolution. Portrait of an American solider with ...


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