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Lighting Vectors

  • Halftone Light Effects
    Halftone Light Effects

    This cool modern style background is perfect for business cards, brochures and business and ...

  • Dreaming High Logo
    Dreaming High Logo

    A young woman lies peacefully in sleep. Light shines off of her to show ...

  • Abstract Texture Lighting
    Abstract Texture Lighting

    Paint splat vector grungy gold background texture graphics by illustrator and vector artist Issara ...

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  • Cool Grid Backdrop
    Cool Grid Backdrop

    This beautiful gradient mesh background has a grid on top with circles of light ...

  • Green Flowers Backdrop
    Green Flowers Backdrop

    This green gradient backdrop has a great combination or floral elements, lighting effects, stars ...

  • City At Night
    City At Night

    This stylized cityscape captures the feel of a buzzing city at night. The city ...

  • Swirls Scrolls Composition
    Swirls Scrolls Composition

    This abstract background is beautiful, radiant and warm. A red and yellow gradient mesh ...

  • Seventies Circles Background
    Seventies Circles Background

    Spiraling circle graphics in a purple color palette with a glowing lighting effect on ...

  • Blue Branding Backdrop
    Blue Branding Backdrop

    This blue gradient backdrop has great lighting effects, curves and wire frames twisting across ...

  • Abstract Blue Branding
    Abstract Blue Branding

    This blue gradient background has wire frame style lines curving across. Great lighting and ...

  • Green Dots Lighting
    Green Dots Lighting

    A dynamic green background decorated with a cool halftone pattern, glowing orbs, stars, cool ...

  • Magic Sky Fantasy
    Magic Sky Fantasy

    This abstract background is a combination of nature, color and decorative elements. A great ...

  • Colorful Shapes Background
    Colorful Shapes Background

    A pink gradient backdrop with colorful swirls and orbs of light all swirling in ...

  • Red Light Effect
    Red Light Effect

    This pink and red background has radiant lighting with floating circles and textures. A ...

  • Blue Sky Lighting
    Blue Sky Lighting

    This beautiful blue background brings to mind the sky on a clear Spring or ...


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