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Peaceful Vectors

  • Gentle Ripples
    Gentle Ripples

    Beautiful nature wallpaper in vector art format. A leaf gently touches the water and ...

  • Lovely Flower Background
    Lovely Flower Background

    Traditional floral vector design with yellow flowers, black stems and leaves swirling over a ...

  • Blue Glowing Lights
    Blue Glowing Lights

    This free sunny sky vector backdrop download features a blue sky background with stars ...

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  • Forest Creek
    Forest Creek

    Nature wallpapers are a favorite for many people. This creek running through the forest ...

  • Dreaming High Logo
    Dreaming High Logo

    A young woman lies peacefully in sleep. Light shines off of her to show ...

  • Shining Christmas Candles
    Shining Christmas Candles

    This Christmas background features two candles and soft flames. The traditional red background and ...

  • Blue Sky Lighting
    Blue Sky Lighting

    This beautiful blue background brings to mind the sky on a clear Spring or ...

  • Lotus Flower Vectors
    Lotus Flower Vectors

    This set of Lotus flowers is beautiful and soft. The layout would make a ...

  • Water Ripples Vector
    Water Ripples Vector

    This realistic water ripple background is a perfect wallpaper on its own. A great ...

  • Soft Face
    Soft Face

    This simple vector portrait captures the soft and innocent look of a young child ...

  • Praying Girl
    Praying Girl

    A young girls puts her hands together, closes her eyes and prays to her ...


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