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Fruit Vectors

  • Banana

    Fruits and nature vector footage of a peeled banana. Detailed graphics of the ripe ...

    06/10/2013|8|Clip Art
  • Sundae Vector
    Sundae Vector

    Dessert vector image of a delicious strawberry and ice cream recipe. Sundae decorated with ...

  • Dessert Graphics
    Dessert Graphics

    Bright color vector graphics of a yummie dessert. Ice cream or yoghurt with a ...

    04/04/2013|1|Clip Art
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  • Tasty Apple
    Tasty Apple

    Realistic vector illustration of a fresh ripe apple. Shiny surface of the bitten fruit ...

  • Ripe Apple
    Ripe Apple

    Food vector graphics of a red apple. Healthy fruit with a shiny surface with ...

  • Happy Apple Character
    Happy Apple Character

    Smiling cartoon style vector illustration of an apple character. Shiny surface of the fresh ...

  • Grapes Cluster
    Grapes Cluster

    Close-up of a cluster of grapes is the focal point of this fruit vector ...

  • Eaten Apple
    Eaten Apple

    Vector apple seen in the three different stages from full to bitten to only ...

    10/24/2012|Clip Art
  • Grapevine Pattern
    Grapevine Pattern

    Vintage grapevine vector illustration. Download this grapevine vector pattern for your wine, floral and ...

  • Orange Fruit Pattern
    Orange Fruit Pattern

    Download this cool orange fruit pattern for your background collection. A well crafted retro ...

  • Real Fruit Illustrations
    Real Fruit Illustrations

    Download these realistic fruit illustrations for your health conscious, organic and food designs. Vivid ...

  • Apple Pattern Vector
    Apple Pattern Vector

    A cool and useful scatter pattern of red apples. A perfect background for a ...

  • Blue Circle Ornament
    Blue Circle Ornament

    This blue circle ornament design is reminiscent of the inside of a citrus fruit ...

  • 3D Lemon Render
    3D Lemon Render

    This render of a lemon is realistic and perfect for a cook book, food ...

  • Orange Slice Icon
    Orange Slice Icon

    Oranges are symbols of fruit, the sun, vitamin C and good health. This simple ...


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