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Vintage Vectors

  • Pattern Vector
    Pattern Vector

    Retro vector pattern with lines and geometric shapes. Gradient colored layout with diamond shapes ...

  • Retro Swirls Vector
    Retro Swirls Vector

    Abstract vector layout with colorful decorative shapes. Waving and swirling designs, concentric circles and ...

  • Retro Vector Pattern
    Retro Vector Pattern

    Vector graphics of a vintage seamless pattern. Floor and wallpaper pattern with diamond shapes ...

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  • Old Television
    Old Television

    Antique technology vector graphics of a vintage TV. Muted warm tone colors and basic ...

    05/22/2013|1|Clip Art
  • Round Decoration
    Round Decoration

    Abstract floral vector design in Art Nouveau style. Dark circular illustration decorated with many ...

  • Antique Flower Image
    Antique Flower Image

    Detailed hand drawn vector graphics of a vintage flower decoration. Swirling leaves on the ...

    05/06/2013|Clip Art
  • Vintage Font
    Vintage Font

    Typography vector design in vintage style. Detailed images of all the letters in the ...

    04/26/2013|Clip Art
  • Retro Frame Vector
    Retro Frame Vector

    Vintage vector graphics of hand drawn frame. Metal structure with swirling plants with triangular ...

    04/18/2013|Clip Art
  • Antique Pistols
    Antique Pistols

    Free weapons vector graphics. Detailed hand drawn vector graphics of antique Colt guns. Vintage ...

  • Swirling Pattern Vector
    Swirling Pattern Vector

    Vector graphics of an elegant antique pattern. Luxurious design with swirling flowers and many ...

  • Antique Skull Image
    Antique Skull Image

    Detailed vector illustration of a skull with a vintage floral decoration. Pointy chin and ...

    03/29/2013|Clip Art
  • Retro Ribbon
    Retro Ribbon

    Banner vector template. Vintage ribbon vector design to use as decoration for product labels ...

    03/24/2013|Clip Art
  • Atomic Danger
    Atomic Danger

    Vintage vector illustration of a decorative design for warning posters and messages. Retro design ...

  • Floral Silhouettes
    Floral Silhouettes

    Vector image collection with versatile floral designs. Various shapes and styles, swirling flowers with ...

    03/20/2013|Clip Art
  • Antique Decorations
    Antique Decorations

    Illustrator footage collection with various vector decorations in vintage style. Silhouettes and frames, floral ...

    03/20/2013|Clip Art

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