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Textiles Vectors

  • Colorful Patterns
    Colorful Patterns

    Vector image collection with square swatches for various seamless patterns. Great variety of colors ...

  • Rose Bouquet Graphics
    Rose Bouquet Graphics

    Colorful vector graphics of blooming roses. Different sizes of the blossoms and a small ...

  • Clothing Print Pattern
    Clothing Print Pattern

    Vector graphics of a versatile seamless pattern. Plaid pattern with lines in many different ...

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  • Fashion Print
    Fashion Print

    Pied de poule vector pattern to create textiles prints, fashion graphics and vintage style ...

  • Floral Vector Pattern
    Floral Vector Pattern

    Fresh vector art nature pattern for your garden, park, spring and summer design themes ...

  • Bead Pattern
    Bead Pattern

    Seamless vector pattern featuring the same design overlapped in two different colors. Elliptical beads ...

  • Green Flower Background Design
    Green Flower Background Design

    Floral vector download featuring a cool nature design with layers of flowers and stars ...

  • Abstract Floral Vector Pattern
    Abstract Floral Vector Pattern

    Seamless black and white flowers pattern design featuring floral shapes in a hexagon design ...

  • Flowers Circles
    Flowers Circles

    Oriental flowers vector art composition. Olive green backdrop image with a circular design made ...

  • Tie-Dye Vector
    Tie-Dye Vector

    Psychedelic batik vector background. This abstract backdrop is a bright explosion of light and ...

  • Tribal Decoration Graphics
    Tribal Decoration Graphics

    Black decorative flower like vector icons set on an orange and yellow gradient background ...

    08/22/2012|Clip Art
  • Spiral Circles
    Spiral Circles

    Fresh starburst vector background with simple flower shapes, perfect footage for your spring or ...

    08/15/2012|Clip Art
  • Floral Cross Pattern
    Floral Cross Pattern

    Free vector floral pattern with a four petal flower, center diamond star and decorative ...

  • Christmas Decorations Pattern
    Christmas Decorations Pattern

    A fun Christmas vector pattern featuring snow flakes, ornaments, candy canes and circles. Set ...

  • Red Fabric Vector Background
    Red Fabric Vector Background

    Deep red mesh vector backdrop. Rich red gradient mesh background designed to look like ...


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