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Textile Vectors

  • Curtain Vector
    Curtain Vector

    Interior design vector graphics of a thick heavy curtain or other piece of fabric ...

  • Checkerboard Decoration
    Checkerboard Decoration

    Vector checkerboard design with a charcoal gray base and crossing stripes of middle gray ...

  • Traditional Flower Pattern
    Traditional Flower Pattern

    Beautiful and ornate seamless vector flower pattern in white and green. The curling and ...

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  • Eastern Pattern
    Eastern Pattern

    Free pattern vector downloads with traditional seamless Eastern designs. A single shape made up ...

  • Floral Pattern Illustration
    Floral Pattern Illustration

    Beautiful vector pattern with lots of detailed flowers and swirls. Elegant Illustrator composition to ...

  • Vector Pattern Pack
    Vector Pattern Pack

    Free decorative vector patterns. Repetitive tiles are great for web and print backgrounds. Download ...

  • Leather Vector
    Leather Vector

    Elegant and ornate leather furniture vector pattern in four different color schemes. Repetitive pattern ...

  • Floral Motif
    Floral Motif

    These classic floral and plant decorative motifs will look brilliant on a greeting card ...

  • Floral Panels
    Floral Panels

    Download this set of floral themed panels for your personal projects. Use them as ...

  • Striped Floral Background
    Striped Floral Background

    Seamless floral vector background with retro vertical stripe pattern decorated with dots and flowers ...

  • Green Floral Pattern
    Green Floral Pattern

    Decorative vector design for to start your digital artworks. A rich green floral based ...

  • Nature Fantasy
    Nature Fantasy

    Abstract vector graphics set with flowers, plants and butterfly. This nature design has a ...

  • Victorian Floral Motif
    Victorian Floral Motif

    Ornate and beautiful vector floral pattern in Victorian or vintage style. The detailed center ...

  • Blank T-Shirt Vectors
    Blank T-Shirt Vectors

    Vector t-shirt templates with separate front and back and six different color schemes to ...

    09/11/2012|Clip Art
  • Soft Floral Design
    Soft Floral Design

    Soft floral vector graphics like these are useful to illustrate wedding invitations, layout greeting ...


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