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Stripes Vectors

  • Colorful Swirls Bubbles
    Colorful Swirls Bubbles

    This bright and colorful background has curving stripes in orange, green, purple, pink and ...

  • Textured Star Badge
    Textured Star Badge

    Download this cool circle and star background for your poster and t-shirt designs. Bright ...

  • Abstract Swoosh Design
    Abstract Swoosh Design

    Combination of geometric shapes and rainbow swoosh make up this abstract background piece. Rounded ...

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  • Abstract Stripe Design
    Abstract Stripe Design

    This abstract shape is made up of stripes or rays with a drop shadow ...

  • Cool Flowers Backdrop
    Cool Flowers Backdrop

    This cool backdrop features vertical lines on a purple background with realistic flowers as ...

  • Arrows Circles Background
    Arrows Circles Background

    Designed by Gweb Stock this cool background is made up of circles, stars, arrows ...

  • Purple City Collage
    Purple City Collage

    This abstract city collage has many great graphic elements for your use. Scrolls, arrows ...

  • Abstract Circle Design
    Abstract Circle Design

    Download this rainbow style abstract circle background for your playful and retro designs. It ...

  • Gold Green Celebration
    Gold Green Celebration

    A gold and green gradient backdrop with circles fading in and out. A great ...

  • Abstract Elegant
    Abstract Elegant

    This abstract decorative design has an elegant central element surrounded by dots and stripes ...

  • Love Birds
    Love Birds

    A beautiful card or background just waiting for your personal message. Features two love ...

  • Glossy Shields
    Glossy Shields

    Download this pair of glossy shield for your heraldic and crest style designs. Cool ...

    05/10/2012|Clip Art
  • Red Lines Backdrop
    Red Lines Backdrop

    Pink, red and magenta gradient lighting with white faded stripes, circles, swirls and ribbons ...

  • Cool Design Vectors
    Cool Design Vectors

    This cool abstract background or clip art pack is a great addition to your ...

    05/05/2012|Clip Art
  • Bee Man Cartoon
    Bee Man Cartoon

    This fun bee character is ready for work. A nicely drawn male bee with ...


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