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Stems Vectors

  • Floral Wallpaper
    Floral Wallpaper

    Vector graphics of beautiful abstract plants forming a wallpaper layout. Curved stems, swirling flowers ...

  • Floral Layout
    Floral Layout

    Decorative vector graphics with flowers and swirling plants. Curved lines representing them stems of ...

  • Bamboo Leaves
    Bamboo Leaves

    Nature vector graphics of bamboo plants. Silhouettes of the stems and leaves of the ...

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  • Stylized Scroll
    Stylized Scroll

    Vintage vector illustration of a flower with swirling stems and strange leaves. Curved lines ...

    02/01/2013|Clip Art
  • Floral Backdrop
    Floral Backdrop

    Fun and colorful vector graphics with many flowers and abstract decorations. Floral images, swirling ...

  • Floral Print
    Floral Print

    Swirling flowers vector clipart. Different kinds of decorations on the petals – detailed patterns, simple ...

    01/16/2013|Clip Art
  • Antique Flourishes
    Antique Flourishes

    Decorative retro vector flowers. Hand drawn image of the swirling stems and leaves with ...

    01/14/2013|Clip Art
  • Artistic Flower
    Artistic Flower

    Swirling abstract plant vector illustration. Stems forming many waves and circles, leaves with different ...

  • Leaves Vectors
    Leaves Vectors

    Beautiful frame vector layout with flowers, petals, leaves and stems. Download nature template with ...

  • Victorian Floral Motif
    Victorian Floral Motif

    Ornate and beautiful vector floral pattern in Victorian or vintage style. The detailed center ...


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