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Religion Vectors

  • John Paul II Vector
    John Paul II Vector

    Religious vector portrait of a former pope. Stained glass image of John Paul II ...

  • Religious Graphics
    Religious Graphics

    Christian vector footage of Jesus Christ carrying his cross. Big wooden cross resting on ...

    06/03/2013|Clip Art
  • Jesus Portrait
    Jesus Portrait

    Religious vector footage of Jesus Christ standing up with his arms wide spread. Preaching ...

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Religious vector image of the passions of Christ. Comic book style graphics of Jesus ...

  • Holy Mary
    Holy Mary

    Religion and spirituality vector portrait of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Holy woman ...

    04/15/2013|Clip Art
  • Tsagaglalal Vector
    Tsagaglalal Vector

    Mythology vector graphics of Tsagaglalal or She Who Watches. Bear head representing the Native ...

  • ZCC Logos
    ZCC Logos

    Vector illustrations of different versions of logos for the Zion Christian Church. Geometric version ...

    04/06/2013|Clip Art
  • Temple Illustration
    Temple Illustration

    Religion and architecture vector graphics of a Buddhist pagoda. Temple with unusual architecture design ...

  • Buddha Vector
    Buddha Vector

    Free Buddha vector image. Fun and colorful illustration of an Eastern deity. Smiling Buddha ...

  • Vector Churches
    Vector Churches

    Religion vector graphics of various Catholic churches. Solid color silhouette illustrations of the religious ...

  • Virgin Mary Illustration
    Virgin Mary Illustration

    Vector portrait of the mother of Jesus Christ. Holy Mary wearing a long robe ...

  • Religious Icon
    Religious Icon

    Vector logo or icon template for all religious projects. Circle with a Christian church ...

  • Christian Churches
    Christian Churches

    Vector image collection of silhouettes of Christian churches. Different sizes and architecture styles of ...

  • Thanksgiving Graphic Elements
    Thanksgiving Graphic Elements

    Traditional elements of Thanksgiving in vector art format. Set of Thanksgiving themed illustrations including ...

  • Christian Cross Vector
    Christian Cross Vector

    Simple vector art of one of the world's best known images, the crucifixion ...


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