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Psychedelic Vectors

  • Waving Dots
    Waving Dots

    Abstract vector layout with a group of waving dots. Curved shape made out of ...

  • Sixties Wallpaper
    Sixties Wallpaper

    Retro vector with seamless graphics in warm yellow, orange and brown colors. Floral vector ...

  • Flowers Design
    Flowers Design

    Cute little flowers vector design with plenty of petals graphics in a 1960s color ...

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  • Op Art Vector
    Op Art Vector

    Psychedelic optical art vector with curved worms that wiggle their way around the canvas ...

  • Hippie Flower Art
    Hippie Flower Art

    This decorative retro vector background design has a rainbow wave base with white flowers ...

  • Textured Swirls
    Textured Swirls

    Strange vector layout backdrop graphics. Muted colors and abstract swirls combine in this psychedelic ...

  • Kaleidoscope Vector
    Kaleidoscope Vector

    This cool kaleidoscope vector background can have many uses. From a wallpaper, poster or ...

  • Tim Buckley Portrait
    Tim Buckley Portrait

    Folk icon vector portrait of legendary rocker and experimental musician Tim Buckley. Simple two ...

  • Op Art Patterns Vector
    Op Art Patterns Vector

    Vector pattern set with seven different geometric based designs with Op Art style color ...

  • Purple Vector Flower
    Purple Vector Flower

    Floral vector background image with star pattern and flower shape collage. Lavender, blue, white ...

  • Rainbow Star Field
    Rainbow Star Field

    Abstract vector design background file featuring a rainbow colored galaxy or star field. Cloud ...

  • Spiral Flower
    Spiral Flower

    Pink vector background with spiral floral decorations, light effects and center flower shape. The ...

  • Circle Patterns
    Circle Patterns

    This cool digital art footage pack of circle vector patterns will look great as ...

  • Op Art Floral Graphics
    Op Art Floral Graphics

    Retro floral vector design elements layout. This decorative vector art features flower shapes layered ...

  • Circular Shapes
    Circular Shapes

    Download these cool circular vector shapes for your stock art freebies collection. Perfect for ...

    07/29/2012|Clip Art

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