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Love Vectors

  • Hippie Flower Art
    Hippie Flower Art

    This decorative retro vector background design has a rainbow wave base with white flowers ...

  • Cherub Illustration
    Cherub Illustration

    Classical style vector illustration of a cherub or little angel with a bow and ...

  • Cherubs

    Download this free stock image set of four cherubs or angels vectors for your ...

    10/08/2012|6|Clip Art
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  • Singing Bird
    Singing Bird

    Cute vector bird on a decorative tree branch singing with a stream of love ...

  • Romantic Advice
    Romantic Advice

    Meet the love of your life vector icons. Set of three different logo designs ...

  • Couple In Love Vector
    Couple In Love Vector

    Romantic vector image to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend. Detailed Illustrator illustration of a ...

  • Stylized Hearts Card
    Stylized Hearts Card

    Beautiful vector heart designs on red diagonal frame background. Cartoon style romance graphics with ...

    08/11/2012|Clip Art
  • Textured Hearts
    Textured Hearts

    Love vector footage pack with Illustrator hearts in different styles and techniques. Download this ...

    08/06/2012|Clip Art
  • Grunge Heart
    Grunge Heart

    Painted heart vector art. This heart background looks raw and gritty. An excellent golden ...

  • Cherubs Vector
    Cherubs Vector

    Antique Valentine's day vector art design with cupids and ornamental heart illustration. Need ...

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart

    This beautiful vector heart design is done in a blue and white color scheme ...

  • Heart Pattern
    Heart Pattern

    Lovely vector pattern with glossy hearts designs. This is a well thought out repeating ...

  • Yours Forever
    Yours Forever

    Lovely vector art footage for your love design themes. This traditional Valentine and love ...

  • Heart Card Design
    Heart Card Design

    Abstract heart vector illustration for a greeting card or invitation design. Download this stylized ...

  • Heart Elegance
    Heart Elegance

    Elegant hearts vector art composition. This is a truly beautiful and well developed design ...


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