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Happiness Vectors

  • Happy Woman
    Happy Woman

    Smiling woman vector. Beautiful Illustrator portrait of a pretty and happy girl. Young woman ...

  • Caterpillar Cartoon
    Caterpillar Cartoon

    Cute vector cartoon of a caterpillar sleeping peacefully on a leaf. Simple illustration style ...

  • Simple Flowers
    Simple Flowers

    Green, purple and red flowers in simple vector graphics are brought together by a ...

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  • Celebration Theme Graphics
    Celebration Theme Graphics

    Beautiful glowing burgundy vector background design with a radial gradient, white sparkles, bubbles and ...

  • Colorful Background With Stars
    Colorful Background With Stars

    Swirling waves vector background image with saturated rainbow hues and bright sparkling clusters of ...

  • Bright Colors Layout
    Bright Colors Layout

    Colorful vector curves backdrop design. This free Illustrator download is fun, happy and eye ...

  • Free Rainbow Burst Background
    Free Rainbow Burst Background

    Light rays radiate from the center of this shiny vector background and colorful retro ...

  • Colorful Shapes Vector Art
    Colorful Shapes Vector Art

    Blue gradient vector background image with spiral light rays, white stars and colorful retro ...

  • Summer Flowers Pattern
    Summer Flowers Pattern

    Sunflowers are a beautiful and iconic symbol for summer and nature. This free floral ...

  • Blue Sequin Tile Background
    Blue Sequin Tile Background

    Sky blue vector tile background design with sequins, tiny bubbles, light effects and sample ...

  • Green Tiles Design
    Green Tiles Design

    Vector tile background with green circles, rounded squares, little stars and happy day text ...

  • Colorful Flowers Vectors Pack
    Colorful Flowers Vectors Pack

    Vector flowers design footage set, free to download as Illustrator AI and PDF. These ...

  • Koi Vector
    Koi Vector

    Koi fishes are exotic ornamental Japanese carps kept for decoration in water gardens and ...

  • Wedding Scene
    Wedding Scene

    Download this vector wedding couple kissing with ribbon, flowers and bubbles design elements surrounding ...

  • Love Crazy
    Love Crazy

    Download this fun vector cartoon of a couple rowing a boat on a rainbow ...


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