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Fashion Vectors

  • Cool T-Shirt Prints
    Cool T-Shirt Prints

    Musical vector designs for clothing prints. Different color versions of a generic T-shirt with ...

  • Formal Jackets
    Formal Jackets

    Fashion vector illustrations of formal wear clothing items. Elegant formal jacket presented in different ...

  • Summer Clothes
    Summer Clothes

    Vector image collection with template illustrations of various clothing items and accessories. Women’s ...

    03/22/2013|Clip Art
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  • Cartoon People
    Cartoon People

    Character design vector graphics. Image collection with full body portraits of various interesting cartoon ...

  • French Icons
    French Icons

    Vector icon collection with various symbols of France and the country’s capital. Parisian ...

    03/18/2013|Clip Art
  • Clothing Print Pattern
    Clothing Print Pattern

    Vector graphics of a versatile seamless pattern. Plaid pattern with lines in many different ...

  • Tank Top Illustrations
    Tank Top Illustrations

    Pretty vector girl wearing light summer tank tops in different bright colors. Basic design ...

  • Wedding Dress
    Wedding Dress

    Vector graphics of a woman trying out a wedding gown. Classic design of the ...

  • T-Shirt Templates
    T-Shirt Templates

    Vector graphics of a basic T-shirt. Front and backside of the clothing item shown ...

  • Lipstick Graphics
    Lipstick Graphics

    Beauty vector illustration with many lipsticks forming the letter X. Long rows of identical ...

  • Sexy Girl
    Sexy Girl

    Fashion model silhouette vector graphics. Attractive women with long wavy hair, fit body and ...

  • Formal Wear Vector
    Formal Wear Vector

    Vector portrait of a man wearing a classic formal suit. Good-looking man in dark ...

  • Shopping Bags
    Shopping Bags

    Ecology vector graphics of shopping bags in different colors. Realistic shadows and folds on ...

  • Classy Hats
    Classy Hats

    Fashion vector illustrations of different hats. Lady’s hats with different shapes and colors ...

  • Fashionable Clothes
    Fashionable Clothes

    Vector image collection with many different clothing items. Icon with stylized clothes silhouettes places ...

    01/11/2013|Clip Art

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