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Elegant Vectors

  • Free Green Floral Background
    Free Green Floral Background

    Green gradient vector background image with spiraling swirls, white rings and flower designs. Ornamental ...

  • Water Plant Vector
    Water Plant Vector

    Elegant plant vector with organic shapes representing the stem and leaves of a water ...

    08/31/2012|Clip Art
  • Colorful Feather Designs
    Colorful Feather Designs

    Decorative vector design footage template for your digital art and dtp projects. Purple and ...

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  • Tribal Butterfly Graphic
    Tribal Butterfly Graphic

    Creative and stylish tribal tattoo design influenced vector butterfly set on a green and ...

    08/26/2012|Clip Art
  • Floral Sky
    Floral Sky

    Flowers in the sky graphics. Fantasy flowers vector download featuring a two-tone blue background ...

  • Floral Design Template
    Floral Design Template

    Warm and inviting orange vector background image with blurred overlapping circles, white corner floral ...

  • Beautiful Dancers Design
    Beautiful Dancers Design

    Vector silhouettes of beautiful girls dancing with reflections on top of a turquoise and ...

  • Plants Doodle
    Plants Doodle

    Beautiful tree vector illustration. Creative use of Illustrator art brushes in this doodle style ...

    08/22/2012|1|Clip Art
  • Floral Background Layout
    Floral Background Layout

    Free floral vector download featuring a purple background with simple flower shapes. Beautiful red ...

  • Plant Decoration Vectors
    Plant Decoration Vectors

    Beautiful outline vector drawings of plants and flowers. Vector ornaments set made up of ...

    08/16/2012|1|Clip Art
  • Flower Vector With Frame
    Flower Vector With Frame

    Navy blue vector flower set on a light gray and red titled frame background ...

    08/16/2012|Clip Art
  • Free Vector Filigree
    Free Vector Filigree

    Nature inspired vector filigree in black set on a gray grid background image. Intricate ...

    08/14/2012|Clip Art
  • Red Fabric Vector Background
    Red Fabric Vector Background

    Deep red mesh vector backdrop. Rich red gradient mesh background designed to look like ...

  • Soft Floral Design
    Soft Floral Design

    Soft floral vector graphics like these are useful to illustrate wedding invitations, layout greeting ...

  • Scroll Panels
    Scroll Panels

    Decorative scrolls vectors on vivid Illustrator backdrops with beautiful gradients. This scrolling floral Illustrator ...


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