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Anonymous Mask Graphics

Anonymous Mask Graphics

Guy Fawkes vector mask graphics for your Occupy protest, activism, demonstration and free speech designs. In 1605, Guy Fawkes and fellow conspirators planned to blow up the Palace of Westminster in London. Ever since, Fawkes became a symbol for protest against the powers that be and the Fawkes mask became part of the Guy Fawkes Night celebrations. Since 1982, illustrator David Loyd used a stylized Fawkes mask to represent protest in the comic book series “V for Vendetta” and its later film adaptation. Participants in real-life protests started to wear the Anonymous mask, which became an international symbol of the Occupy movement, protesting against financial institutions, banks and politicians.

Guy Fawkes Mask by OverSurge for VectorFree.com

OverSurge ~ 06/18/2012 ~ No comments
License: Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial
Category: Exclusive
Tags: Activism, Demonstration, Guy Fawkes Mask, Occupy, Protest, V For Vendetta.
File formats: AI, PDF.

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